We want to wish you a blessed New Year 2021.

On January 1st, 2021 we welcomed our second grandson. It was quite an event since he was not due until the 26th. What a morning as we rushed our daughter to the hospital unprepared, but Griffin was not about to wait any longer. We are excited to report to you that both mom and child are doing great. What a way to welcome a new year for us, but significant as well.

2020 has been a year of massive disruption and chaos which has brought much change to our lives. These changes can be viewed as negative or as a chance to reset our lives and priorities. Griffin, our grandson was symbolic of new birth. That in the midst of chaos God is also birthing new things and reminding us of what is important in 2021.  Here are some directions for Ekklesia as we journey into 2021.

Realize that “ You are the Ekklesia”

Ekklesia means “Called out ones” People who God has called out from darkness into His Kingdom. Church is not a place we go but an identity of who we are. This is a difficult one to break.  We have been indoctrinated for so long in the institutional church. Our Key verse is Matthew 18:20 “Where two of three gathers  in my name, there I will be in the midst of them”.  Commit to connecting to one of two others to pray together, bind the enemy and release God’s blessings on this earth.

Dedicate your home as the temple of the Ekklesia

We understand that the building is not the church, it’s the people that come in that make up the church. But rather than just gathering to worship once a week in your normal church building, do it every day in your home Ekklesia. Elise and I are being more intentional about dedicating our home. We have anointed our home and asked the Holy Spirit to use it for His purposes. God told us in 1993 through a prophetic word that He would break the spirit of the institutional church through homes and relationships.

Adopt 10 of your neighbors in prayer

It could be the 5 to your right and the 5 to your left, or any configuration; be led by the Holy Spirit. Practice prayer evangelism (Luke 10) and speak blessings to those you have adopted. Look for the opportunities that God will create for you to build relationship with them. We have given small gifts every year to some of our neighbors and now we are praying to expand that circle and to engage them this year in prayer and in more meaningful ways.

We will gather regularly to rejoice and to share the testimonies of God

In John 20:21 Jesus calls us a “sent people” not a gathered people. As the Father has sent me into this broken world to seek and to save that which was lost, so I send you. The purpose of our existence is to make a difference in our homes, neighborhoods and our network of relationships He has given us to steward. But we also know it’s important to meet together as a body, so are looking for a place that’s big enough and can practice safety measures during these times of the pandemic. I know there are different opinions about this virus, but it is important to provide a place where everyone can feel secure.

2021 is a continued journey into exploring the different expressions of church. What does it mean when Jesus said that He will build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against her? What did he mean when he told us that He had given us the Keys to the kingdom and whatever we bind or lose on earth He will bind and loose in Heaven?  Matthew 16: 18-19

Let’s discover it together in 2021

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